Eco Service Canada was founded in 2010 with ambitions to save 100L of CLEAN DRINKING WATER on each and every car wash.  With only 1% of the world’s water deemed consumable, we think its absolutely crazy to be spraying a hose on your car just to make it look nice.  Discovering a simple eco-friendly solution to the problem through the use of a biodegradable cleaning product, we ventured into the big world to spread our message to everyone with passion. Today, Eco Service Canada is the Premier and the Leader in Canada for Mobile Waterless Car Washes and we continue to grow rapidly throughout the Pacific-Northwest.  The ultimate goal for us is to see the day when everyone realizes that clean drinking water should not be used for making cars sparkly, rather saving it for consumption for our future generations.  We have partnered with a charity that gives back to third-world nations as part of our ambitions and we plan on growing our contributions as our company grows. If YOU believe in our Vision and Mission, we encourage you to contact us to learn more about our services and how it can serve your vehicle & your friends, family and colleagues.  Be Smart about your decisions today so your children and the future generations can enjoy the world as much as we do today. Eco Service – The Smart Alternative to Washing your Vehicle.

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Water Saved

  • Zipcar Vancouver
    2,051,188.2 litres
  • Best Buy Canada Ltd.
    65,219.2 litres
  • Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers
    131,840.6 litres

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