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We always say that we are more than a waterless car wash company and that we are certain that small things can make a big difference. We hope that our participation in the Canadian Shoreline Clean Up continues to inspire others to join in and be more conscious about waste production and its impact on the environment. Although the summer season is usually a very busy time of the year for most, we ended up enrolling a big part of our team into a Clean Up that took place Sunday, June 7th at Iona Beach Regional Park. This event was the perfect opportunity for our team to take a break from our normal schedules and give back to Mother Nature while enjoying one of Richmond's many great parks.
Last November, we organized our first Clean Up at Spanish Banks Beach where we collected almost 10 kg of garbage in less than 2 hours. This year we were excited, willing to beat last year’s mark. And so we did! We successfully collected 20.3 kg! Almost doubling our last year's total. 
We want to thank the Eco Service Team for your participation and enthusiasm and also a special thanks to Metro Vancouver, who provided us with a special event permit and all the supplies needed. We look forward to joining this conservation initiative from Vancouver Aquarium and WWF again next year. 

Waterless is great, but will Eco Wash scratch my vehicle?


Today we will review a common concern in our industry – scratches and swirls. Our clients often ask us about scratches and swirls, so we feel it’s best to address this issue to a wider audience, namely, you!

So, will Eco Wash scratch your car? Of course not! Our purpose is to make your car shine, not shun! Let us explain:
-          Our product has been specifically formulated for removing the dirt from a surface without causing damage: it encapsulates all dust particles!
-          Our product is naturally occurring, and free from harsh compounds.
-          The wipe down process is performed only after we have sprayed the surface with our product. We remove dirt, we don’t spread it!
-          Our microfiber towels are always clean before we use it on your vehicle to ensure no particles cause scratches.

EcoService offers you a hand wash with environmentally friendly products, free of dangerous chemicals.  Our main car washing solution, Élan Vital, is 99% bio-degradable and 1% polymer (wax) which is used for cleaning the exterior of your vehicle.

Because of our solution, we are able to clean your vehicle without scratches and without wasting water. After our service, your vehicle is not only clean, but also waxed and protected! The wax finish in our product keeps your car clean longer because of the layer of protection it provides.

Our microfiber towel cloths are rated at 300 GSM (grams per square meter), which indicates the density of the cloth. The denser the cloth, the more microfibers that trap dirt and dust particles. We use at least 2 towels per wash – first for removing dirt and the other to buff off the wax and ensure your car is streak-free!

How about swirls and/or marks? This is a different issue. Swirls and marks are defined as fine spots on the surface of your paint caused by friction of particles or objects against the clear coat of your vehicle. These are typically undetectable to the touch, hence differentiated from scratches. Typically, these marks are more visible on darker cars due to the contrast caused by light.

Experts agree that improper washing and drying techniques beat the guilt of causing swirls, and that with a mild cleaning solutions and proper equipment you can easily avoid them. The loyalty of our long-term clients should give you faith in trusting us to keep your car clean and new for as long as possible!

Any questions? Please ask!

Why EcoService is The Smart Alternative Maintaining your Vehicle?


This week, we’d like to take a look into EcoService’s core values. We truly see ourselves as an alternative to the current norm, and the nature of our business reflects that.

For us, using over 100 liters of fresh water to keep a car looking clean is merely not a good use of resources. We hope you agree it’s simply not worth it – and this is why we work hard to spread our message and our values! We want to contribute to greening the planet – one car, one fleet, one city at a time.

So what makes us different? Let us illustrate with a few examples:

  1. Our wash technicians don’t use any fresh-water when cleaning your car. We’re saving thousands of liters of clean water on a daily basis.
  2. We don’t use any soap either, so the amount of harmful effluent released into our sewage system is greatly minimized.
  3. Since we come to you, you save gas by not driving to and from a standard car wash – saving water and minimizing CO2 emissions at the same time!
  4. You make the most of your time. We clean your care while you’re working, or running errands, or shopping at the mall. We save you time that you would rather spend doing things you love instead of getting your car cleaned (which is what we love!).

Life is all about choices; why not choose EcoService as your choice?


Drinking Water Week 2014 (from May 4th to May 10th)

This month we celebrated Drinking Water Week 2014.

This great initiative aims to promote public awareness and involvement in public and private water issues which include events and educational campaigns. Drinking Water Week has been celebrated annually for the past 30 years.

Here at EcoService Canada, we’ve joined the movement and want to share with you a bit more about the importance of the role that water plays in our daily lives and how we feel about it.

The truth is that we are so preoccupied with our day-to-day routines that we forget how lucky we are: clean, safe water just comes flowing out of our kitchen tap or our showerhead! There are a lot of people in the world who are not able to turn on the tap and get unlimited, clean water.

Eco Service Canada was created with this concern in mind: clean and drinkable water shouldn´t be wasted on certain activities while millions of people don’t have access to safe water.

From this concept we´ve proudly built a Company with its own philosophy and targets around this issue: save as much water as possible with our waterless carwash, and spread the word of our mission and vision. We do believe that with these convictions we can contribute to preserving the environment and, in the future, help people who have no safe access to water.

Thank you to our Clients who rely on us every day. Without your vital contribution our goals wouldn’t be a reality.

Why don’t you join us in saving water? We’d love to show you how!

Eco Service now at Pacific Centre Mall!

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - May 5, 2014) - Busy lives can mean some things get a lower priority than they should - like keeping your car clean. EasyPark has a sustainable and convenient answer for motorists coming into downtown Vancouver: a premium car wash service at its Pacific Centre underground lot.

For an additional $25, customers can have their car washed while they go about their errands, with the "waterless" car wash system developed by Vancouver-based Eco-Service. This latest EasyPark offering, which launched May 1st, is a direct result of EasyPark's participation in the City of Vancouver's Climate Smart program, which it joined in fall of 2013.

According to the commercial car wash industry, an average car wash - whether in a commercial facility or on your own - can consume as much as 120 litres of water(1). EcoService's system conserves this precious resource by using a proprietary mixture of biodegradable solutions to emulsify all dirt and grime, which are then lifted off with a soft microfibre cloth. The process takes about 20 minutes (depending on the size of the car) and leaves the car virtually spotless, bumper-to-bumper, from roof rack to tire rims. The EcoService process also significantly reduces another harmful effect of conventional car-washing: water polluted with grime and detergent re-entering the environment.

"With the FlexPass, which we introduced in December, and the parking app for Apple and Android devices we brought in in 2011, this is one more way that we make parking easier," says EasyParkCEO Nigel Bullers, noting that plans are in the works to offer the service at more EasyPark facilities. "When people have to drive downtown, they need a convenient place to park, and they also don't want to waste energy, fuel and time driving someplace else to get their car cleaned. This new partnership with Eco-Service solves that problem and we look forward to offering it at more of our facilities."

"It takes innovative and forward-thinking companies like EasyPark to make our Vision a reality," adds William Tang, President of Eco-Service. "Our partnership allows us to spread the word on the importance of conserving water by offering a convenient and smart alternative to traditional car wash systems."

"Cadillac Fairview, which owns and manages Pacific Centre, is thrilled that their customers are able to take advantage of this new green car washing service while they shop," says Ultan Kampff, General Manager, Pacific Centre and HSBC Building. "This exciting initiative is in line with our own corporate GREEN AT WORK™ sustainability strategy."

About EasyPark

Founded in 1947, EasyPark has one mission: "make parking easy". Our mandate is to provide safe, convenient and affordable parking.

EasyPark currently operates 59 parking facilities in Vancouver and British Columbia under the EasyPark brand. In 2013, EasyPark launched the FlexPass, a stored-value card (also available as a smartphone app), that allows the user to park for a discount on the regular rate; EasyPark also launched the first parking app for Apple and Android markets. Search for it under "easypark parking" in app stores online, or visit www.easypark.ca/easypark-lots/mobile-parking-app.aspx.

About Eco-Service

Vancouver-based Eco-Service was founded in 2010 and is now Canada's leader in mobile waterless car wash techology. Through the end of 2013, Eco-Service has saved over 2.2 million litres of water that would otherwise have not only been used, but contaminated with dirt and detergent before returning to the environment. Local business clients include Zipcar, Pacific Blue Cross and now EasyPark, and Eco-Service continues to grow throughout the Pacific Northwest. For more information, please visit www.eco-service.ca.

(1) Source: "Water Use in the Professional Car Wash Industry," 2002, published on California Urban Water Conservation Council website.

Media Inquiries: EasyPark Greg Watrych Client Relations Manager 604.717.7364 604.682.7469 greg@easypark.ca www.easypark.ca Facebook: www.facebook.com/easypark Twitter: @easyparkvan

Would you wash your car with bottled water?

As Canadians, we’re largely unaccustomed to seeing vast amounts of bottled water at grocery stores and supermarkets. In terms of quality, our fresh water is comparable to bottled water, but not in price.

We are in a very fortunate situation because of our access to water. In many countries, people are accustomed to buying bottled water. The tap water in these places is used for other purposes, such as cleaning, showering, laundry, etc. Although it may be considered “drinkable”, they often choose not to due to bad taste, or other potentially harmful factors.

In some cases, the situation is even more dire. There are millions of others less fortunate than us, who must go through excruciating circumstances only to get a handful of bad quality water.

The water served by Greater Vancouver Water District (GVWD) and Metro Vancouver is filtered and disinfected prior to its distribution in the water system. This means that all the water in the region, including the water you wash your vehicle with, is potable water. You can drink it, and tastes great!

It’s important to note that this water does not come free, as there are several costs associated with providing clean water to a city like Vancouver. While most of it is covered by taxes, we, in-fact, don’t pay per our water consumption (i.e. we don’t have water meters).

It’s estimated that a carwash with a standard garden hose uses around 300 liters of fresh water. With all this in mind, we can put this into perspective:

At 1.5L a bottle, you would need 200 bottles of water for a satisfactory wash. At a conservative price of $1.20 for each bottle, cleaning your car with bottled water would cost $240.

If you are not up to pay $240 for washing your car, keep in mind that our tap water has equitable quality as bottled water.

Why use fresh water to clean your car? We are an alternative.

World Water Day 2014 – The Eco Service Blog is back!

Hi there! We are back. To share information that you might find interesting.

This week we are celebrating World Water Day 2014 (Sat, March 22nd)!

Did you know that Canada has the second highest water consumption per capita in the developed world? Oh no! Oh yes! In 2013 alone, each Vancouverite used over 400 litres of water per day. Many cities in the world, like London, Copenhagen and Melbourne have rates of about 200 litres per person.

Why this huge difference? Perhaps there are several reasons, but for sure our attitude has an important role to play.

Abundant natural resources are usually undervalued and wasted foolishly. The fact that 780 million people around the world don’t have access to clean water should be a wake up call.

Let’s begin to think about the cost of treating drinking water and also the cost of treating waste water. We need to cease wasting our valuable resource.

A typical car wash takes 300 litres of fresh water. We want to thank all Eco Service Canada Clients for helping us to save thousands of valuable litres of water. Celebrate World Water Day and spread the message!

Nathan Leonhardt Car Wash Fundraiser!

Eco Service is happy to sponsor Nathan Leonhardt's Car Wash Fundraiser on Saturday, August 10th at the Richmond South Arm United Church. SW Corner of 3 Rd. & Steveston Hwy 11051 No 3 Rd. Richmond, BC V7A 1X3 Come out and enjoy a BBQ, some games including Beat the Pro at Golf while getting your car washed for only $10! Download the PDF file here: Nathan Leonhardt Car Wash Fundraiser

Water Usage in Canada Ranks 15th out of 17 developed Countries

With the abundance in water supply here in Canada, even the Government doesn't realize that we're using water faster than it can replenish itself. There's a water crises around the world and here we are with little to no restrictions on usage, minimal cost to turn the tap on and no real urgent attention from the Gov't on this matter. Conference Board of Canada - Water Withdrawal Comparison A big THANK YOU to all our Eco Service clients, you are doing your part in conserving water for future generations.

Health hazards of a dirty vehicle

Great article we found that highlights the health risks associated to leaving dirt and crumbs lying around in your car - keep your car clean to keep you and your family healthy: http://www.themedguru.com/20100620/newsfeature/potential-health-hazards-lurking-dirty-cars-study-86136620.html