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Why EcoService is The Smart Alternative Maintaining your Vehicle?


This week, we’d like to take a look into EcoService’s core values. We truly see ourselves as an alternative to the current norm, and the nature of our business reflects that.

For us, using over 100 liters of fresh water to keep a car looking clean is merely not a good use of resources. We hope you agree it’s simply not worth it – and this is why we work hard to spread our message and our values! We want to contribute to greening the planet – one car, one fleet, one city at a time.

So what makes us different? Let us illustrate with a few examples:

  1. Our wash technicians don’t use any fresh-water when cleaning your car. We’re saving thousands of liters of clean water on a daily basis.
  2. We don’t use any soap either, so the amount of harmful effluent released into our sewage system is greatly minimized.
  3. Since we come to you, you save gas by not driving to and from a standard car wash – saving water and minimizing CO2 emissions at the same time!
  4. You make the most of your time. We clean your care while you’re working, or running errands, or shopping at the mall. We save you time that you would rather spend doing things you love instead of getting your car cleaned (which is what we love!).

Life is all about choices; why not choose EcoService as your choice?




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