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Waterless is great, but will Eco Wash scratch my vehicle?


Today we will review a common concern in our industry – scratches and swirls. Our clients often ask us about scratches and swirls, so we feel it’s best to address this issue to a wider audience, namely, you!

So, will Eco Wash scratch your car? Of course not! Our purpose is to make your car shine, not shun! Let us explain:

–          Our product has been specifically formulated for removing the dirt from a surface without causing damage: it encapsulates all dust particles!

–          Our product is naturally occurring, and free from harsh compounds.

–          The wipe down process is performed only after we have sprayed the surface with our product. We remove dirt, we don’t spread it!

–          Our microfiber towels are always clean before we use it on your vehicle to ensure no particles cause scratches.

EcoService offers you a hand wash with environmentally friendly products, free of dangerous chemicals.  Our main car washing solution, Élan Vital, is 99% bio-degradable and 1% polymer (wax) which is used for cleaning the exterior of your vehicle.

Because of our solution, we are able to clean your vehicle without scratches and without wasting water. After our service, your vehicle is not only clean, but also waxed and protected! The wax finish in our product keeps your car clean longer because of the layer of protection it provides.

Our microfiber towel cloths are rated at 300 GSM (grams per square meter), which indicates the density of the cloth. The denser the cloth, the more microfibers that trap dirt and dust particles. We use at least 2 towels per wash – first for removing dirt and the other to buff off the wax and ensure your car is streak-free!

How about swirls and/or marks? This is a different issue. Swirls and marks are defined as fine spots on the surface of your paint caused by friction of particles or objects against the clear coat of your vehicle. These are typically undetectable to the touch, hence differentiated from scratches. Typically, these marks are more visible on darker cars due to the contrast caused by light.

Experts agree that improper washing and drying techniques beat the guilt of causing swirls, and that with a mild cleaning solutions and proper equipment you can easily avoid them. The loyalty of our long-term clients should give you faith in trusting us to keep your car clean and new for as long as possible!

Any questions? Please ask!

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