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Would you wash your car with bottled water?

As Canadians, we’re largely unaccustomed to seeing vast amounts of bottled water at grocery stores and supermarkets. In terms of quality, our fresh water is comparable to bottled water, but not in price.

We are in a very fortunate situation because of our access to water. In many countries, people are accustomed to buying bottled water. The tap water in these places is used for other purposes, such as cleaning, showering, laundry, etc. Although it may be considered “drinkable”, they often choose not to due to bad taste, or other potentially harmful factors.

In some cases, the situation is even more dire. There are millions of others less fortunate than us, who must go through excruciating circumstances only to get a handful of bad quality water.

The water served by Greater Vancouver Water District (GVWD) and Metro Vancouver is filtered and disinfected prior to its distribution in the water system. This means that all the water in the region, including the water you wash your vehicle with, is potable water. You can drink it, and tastes great!

It’s important to note that this water does not come free, as there are several costs associated with providing clean water to a city like Vancouver. While most of it is covered by taxes, we, in-fact, don’t pay per our water consumption (i.e. we don’t have water meters).

It’s estimated that a carwash with a standard garden hose uses around 300 liters of fresh water. With all this in mind, we can put this into perspective:

At 1.5L a bottle, you would need 200 bottles of water for a satisfactory wash. At a conservative price of $1.20 for each bottle, cleaning your car with bottled water would cost $240.

If you are not up to pay $240 for washing your car, keep in mind that our tap water has equitable quality as bottled water.

Why use fresh water to clean your car? We are an alternative.

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