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World Water Day 2014 – The Eco Service Blog is back!

Hi there! We are back. To share information that you might find interesting.

This week we are celebrating World Water Day 2014 (Sat, March 22nd)!

Did you know that Canada has the second highest water consumption per capita in the developed world? Oh no! Oh yes! In 2013 alone, each Vancouverite used over 400 litres of water per day. Many cities in the world, like London, Copenhagen and Melbourne have rates of about 200 litres per person.

Why this huge difference? Perhaps there are several reasons, but for sure our attitude has an important role to play.

Abundant natural resources are usually undervalued and wasted foolishly. The fact that 780 million people around the world don’t have access to clean water should be a wake up call.

Let’s begin to think about the cost of treating drinking water and also the cost of treating waste water. We need to cease wasting our valuable resource.

A typical car wash takes 300 litres of fresh water. We want to thank all Eco Service Canada Clients for helping us to save thousands of valuable litres of water. Celebrate World Water Day and spread the message!

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